1947: As a result of the increase of bread, bakers are reducing the number of loaves which were previously made and sold. The purchasing public will now be able to obtain fewer varieties of sizes. Combined with the price increase is the fact that imports have been reduced. This is the result of an official decision, taken by the Government in the Executive Council.

1954: Third-year students at the Jamaica School of Agriculture, who refused recently to sit their end-of-term examination, have been recalled to school to sit the examination. The 23 students are in their final year and must take the examination if they wish to graduate.

1956: The Public Works Department is constructing a 24-ft-wide athletic track at the Kingston Race Course at the northern end of East Street. The land inside the track is also being graded for a football and cricket field. They hope to complete this field in time for Jamaican and West Indian cricketer George Headley to use it as a training camp in his capacity as the government cricket coach.

1958: Twenty barges of 135 tons, each for the West Indies Sugar Company’s use at Salt River and Savanna-la-Mar, are being constructed by Kelly’s Engineering Works. This company also has under construction a large barge of 150 tons for the Corazal Sugar Company, Belize.

1959: Chief Minister Norman Manley upholds the decision made by the Beach Control Authority for the Dunn’s River Beach to remain a public bathing and recreation beach. The decision by the authority was appealed by the owners of the property through which the river and falls flow, McCormick Shipping Company, which sought to have it declared a hotel beach, which would have excluded Jamaicans from enjoying this natural attraction.

1965: Edward Seaga, development and welfare minister, who also has responsibility for sports, is selected by the West Indian Sportsman, a magazine published and edited by Alva Ramsay, as ‘Sportsman of the Year’.

1969: Five modern hotels, two golf courses and a polo ground will be built on a part of the 3,500-acre seacoast development lands at Mosquito Cove near Lucea. The work will be carried out in three or four phases.

1972: The Jamaica Teachers’ Association passes a resolution calling for an end to the recently introduced Common Entrance Examinations, which are used to select children in elementary and preparatory schools for admission to secondary grammar and secondary technical schools. In the discussion, it is brought to the attention of the meeting that because a paper called ‘Intelligence’ is part of the examinations, “the situation has developed where some teachers are actually trying to teach children intelligence”.

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