1951: Two of the three Jamaica Labour Party members  of the House of Representatives who voted against their party in the transport issue last December were absent as the two-day Labour Party conference opens in the Committee Room at Headquarters House. They are ex-minister for education, Mr J.A. McPherson, who is the member for West St Thomas, and Mr L.L. Simmonds, member for West St Mary. Mr R.D. Toyloy, member for South Trelawny attends the meeting.


1954: Tired after their adventurous trip, but happy to be back in Jamaica, four members of the faculty of the University College of the West Indies and a female member of the university’s Department of Education, return by Avianca airliner from Barranquilla after a mountaineering expedition to the Colombian Andes. Coming in are Mr Alan Cunningham, lecturer in history at the university; Dr Phillip Hugh Jones, senior lecturer in medicine; Dr John Waterlow, research fellow in physiology; and Miss Jean Kirsopp, supervisor of physical training in the Department of Education.


1957: Selection of the site of the federal capital of the West Indies is almost forced today and the day before, as delegates from the smaller territories try to get the conference to decide this controversial question before its scheduled time, which is somewhere towards the end of next week. The big three – Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados – however, stand firm, No decision now. There should still be time for lobbying, and the way in which delegates have been changing their opinions about which of the islands be selected made it imperative that they should stand firm to give the three suggested places full scope for attracting support.

1960: Premier Norman Manley, QC, returns to the island at 8 o’clock this evening from Washington after a week’s stay in the United States capital, discussing the sale of Jamaican bauxite in the United States. The premier is slightly indisposed on his return, having a slight chill the result of a wetting he received while in Washington. Mr Manley did not discuss the details of his mission, but is expected to issue a statement tomorrow.

1963: Prime Minister Alexander Bustamante said objections by Guatemala and Panama to Jamaica’s becoming a member of the Organization of American States are based on false premises. As minister of external affairs, he was questioned by The Gleaner on the country’s reaction to the objections raised early last week by Guatemala’s foreign minister, Jesus Unda Murillo, and again this week by a Panamanian government spokesman. Both countries argued on the grounds that we obtained our independence from Britain but not as sovereign states, as we are still in league with Britain.


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