1909: The office premises of Lascelles de Mercado & Co is relocated to 34 Port Royal Street. The firm’s general office is located upstairs of the new building and the dry goods department downstairs. The office is the finest commercial office in the city.

1927: Announcement is made of the big fight, which will take place at Sport Part on January 8. Pantera, the unbeaten heavyweight champion of Jamaica ,weighing 182lbs, will meet Sparing Caballero, the giant champion of Cuba, weighing 205lbs and measuring six feet five inches. The contest is being promoted by Jas F. Gore.

1934: It is reported that during the month of November last, 62 persons left Jamaica under the Emigration Protection Laws of the colony. Of this number, 26 went to Panama, 14 to Haiti, nine to Cuba and eight to Spanish Honduras.

1932: Freda Bishop, a 12-year-old girl, is brought before the Resident Magistrate for Kingston for attempting to administer poison. The allegations are that she was residing with her guardian Mrs Morgan at 61 Johnson Lane in Rollington Pen. On the evening of December 29, Mrs Morgan and the other members of the family were to have soup for dinner and powdered glass was found in it. When the discovery was made, the girl admitted to doing so because the family was teasing her.

1943: The history-making census of Jamaica begins today. Enumerators in every nook and cranny of the island begin their visit to the homes of the high and low, rich and poor. They will proceed with the job during this week and next until every parish has been fully covered.

1970: A troop carrying four turbo-prop engine CI30 Hercules aircraft of RAF Air Support Command, takes off for England carrying 51 members of the Jamaica Defence Force on what is described as Exercise ‘Wobble’. Those going on this exercise are drawn from a number of units within the defence force, and will attend various training courses.

1977: Prime Minister Michael Manley announces a 20-member Cabinet along with major innovations in the structure of Government for the new People’s National Party. Two new ministries are being established along with the recreation of the Ministryof Defence, which the prime minister will head, four standing parliamentary committees, four ministerial councils, and a council of ministers distinct from the Cabinet.


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