1947: Alexander Bustamante’s Labour Party tastes defeat in the second by-election, under the new Constitution and in which Mr C.A. Neita, Independent candidate, emerges as member of the House of Representatives for the southern constituency of Trelawny. He succeeds the late Mr Morris Thelwell who was a Labourite.


1950: Mr Norman W. Manley, KC, now an ex-officio member of the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation Council, terminates his retainer with the council as its counsel. The corporation’s solicitor, Mr H.H. Dunn is advising the town clerk to this effect and the position will be set out at the next meeting of the council.


1954: The National Workers’ Union (NWU) wins the three-party union jurisdictional poll conducted among employees of the Myrtle Bank Hotel by the Labour Department. The Ministry of Labour announces that the NWU has secured 117 of the 192 votes polled.


1958: The House of Commons passes a Bill giving greater local autonomy to The Cayman Islands and the Turks and Caicos Islands, dependencies of Jamaica in the West Indies. The Islands will take their place in the West Indies Federation this year as a whole.


1965: Jamaica has just completed its most successful tourist year with visitor totals for 1964 reaching an all-time high of 227,417 as the industry bounces back sharply from three years of gradual decline, according to a Tourist Board release.


1969: The Methodist Church plans to appeal to the prime minister in an effort to resolve their impasses with the minister of housing and public utilities on the question of the location of the boundary between the Ebenezer church lands and a new housing area in western Kingston.


1979: The Cocoa Industry Board is to establish 300 acres of new planting on the Osbourne property in St Mary as part of a plan to put in 2,000 acres of new cocoa plants over the next five years.


1986: The first $8,580 of the income of every individual will be exempted from tax. A flat rate of 331/3 per cent, except for certain special allowances, will replace the graduated scale of rates. These are among the tax reforms contained in the Bill amending the Income Tax Act tabled in the House of Representatives. 

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