1976: Stoppage of the sale and the use of counter flour is ordered throughout the island by the minister of health. Prime Minister Michael Manley authorises the move after he learns of the deaths in St Thomas resulting from food poisoning.


1979: Workers employed by Stationery Manufacturers Ltd at Bell Road in Kingston and which theUnion of Schools, Agriculture and Allied Workers represents, walk off the job and block the entrance to the company in a dispute over the holding of a representational rights poll by the union.


1982: The Senate gives approval to a Bill providing for National Housing Trust contributions to be ranked as preferential debts in case of bankruptcy, and to increase from $100 to $1,600, the sum which may be paid for wages or salaries due to an employee in the case of bankruptcy.


1982: Prime Minister Edward Seaga is to speak in Parliament on the situation at the Jamaica Public Service Company as the island continues to experience power outages.


1988: Mr Glen AndradeO.C., senior deputy director of public prosecutions has been appointed director of public prosecutions. He is the fifth person to hold that post. Mr Andrade succeeds Mr Ian Forte, O.C.


1988: Some 150 students are out of the grade 3 classrooms built for them at the Lyssons All-Age School in St Thomas while the contractor and the Ministry of Education row over payment. The children cram in the library, the principal’s office and a section of the grade 5 class. Mr C. Burgess, the contractor, remains adamant he will not hand over the keys to open the classrooms until he has been paid the $76,000 he is claiming for the job.


1990: Dr Poddar, a consultant in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at theUniversity Hospital of the West Indies is suspended for 18 months arising out of a charge of negligence concerning the case of Mrs Norma Bryan, who died on November 29, 1986.


1990: The Portmorecommunities of South and South East St Catherine are no more a high-risk area than is Kingston or other low-lying areas in Jamaica. This is according to Mr Maurice Jones, a consulting engineer on the new Portmore housing project. The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Relief Coordination has been issuing flawed infor-mation to the public concerning Portmore as a high-risk area.

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