1934: It is the understanding that of a total worldwide production of 78 million bunches of bananas the year before, Jamaica is the supplier of 18 million five hundred bunches or nearly one quarter of the output, a more creditable record than ever attained before.


1938: It is the opinion of the owners of property in the Stony Hill district that the Water Commission is putting down a proposition much bigger than the district can afford, resulting in the rate for water being excessively high. Kingston and St Andrew only pay 6d for 1,000 gallons. Councillor Duval reports to the Water Commission that the taxpayers of the district can only afford to pay at the rate of one shilling per thousand gallons for water supplied.


1955: A two-stage motion-picture studio for the production of television films and full-length motion pictures is to be built in Jamaica by American interests. The scheme is estimated to cost £105, 000 and building plans are expected to get under way later this year. The American group is headed by associates of the Princeton Film Centre in the United States.


1959: Only an eighth wicket stand of 74 in 85 minutes between G.S. Ramchandi and Kripal Singh rescues India from complete collapse on the third day’s play in the fourth Test match against West Indies. India is two down in the first match series, being all out for 222 in reply to West Indies’ first innings total of 500.


1963:The Ministry of Education is seeking the use of a part of the National Stadium and the agricultural exhibit shed at Denbigh showground to help relieve the shortage of primary school space in the Corporate Area and May Pen.


1967: Parliament dissolves making way for the holding of general elections within a statutory period not exceeding three months. The date of the new election will be announced at Half-Way Tree by the acting prime minister, the Hon Donald Sangster.


1974: Firemen at press time are fighting a fierce blaze, starting on the top floor of a 13-storey building under construction on the Kingston Waterfront. The building is to form ‘Block B’ of the Kingston Waterfront Redevelopment Project being undertaken by the Urban Development Corporation.

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