1970:  Over the next few years, Jamaica will need some 100,000 new workers to fill as many jobs according to the projections by a recent labour survey disclosed by Prime Minister Hugh Shearer. The prime minister says the overwhelming proportion would be for skilled workers and that in certain areas there would be no movement at all.


1972: The Hon. Edward Seaga, minister of finance and planning announces a major re-development plan for Montego Bay Waterfront at an initial cost of $5.5 million for primary development. Secondary development will involve $37 million of investment, principally from private sources. “It is significant that part of the funds for this project will be provided by a loan of $1 million from the Caribbean Development Bank, Jamaica’s first loan from this source,” Mr. Seaga states.


1976: New legislation outlawing “acts or utterances directed at undermining the duly constituted authority of the State” is being prepared for presentation to parliament within the next two weeks, the Hon. Keble Munn, minister of national security announces in the House of Representatives.


1979: The Court of Appeal rules that persons found with foreign currency in their possession, shall not be subjected to arrest and prosecution, unless it can be proven that such persons have been hoarding or accumulating the currency over a period. The ruling is handed down at the end of a two-day hearing, by the president of the Court of Appeal, the Hon. Leacroft Robinson.


1982: Two police constables and an acting corporal, all of the Mandeville Police Station are to stand trial for the deaths of Maurice Stephenson, 7 and Garth Bromfield, 9, who were shot during a clash between supporters of the Jamaica Labour Party and the PNP in Top Hill, St Elizabeth.


1982: Some 4,850 bags of flour arrive here and by the end of next month, a total of 23,197 bags should have been imported according to a spokesman for the Jamaica Commodity Trading Company. Although this represents an improvement in the supply situation, baking circles reveal that this would not lead to a return of normality in the trade.


1985: The minister of public utilities and transport, Hon. Pearnel Charles, announces an increase in bus fares for Portmore and semi-rural areas of St. Andrew and Montego Bay. The increase also applies to Kingston. The prices vary based on the various locations. Express to Hellshire, $1.50; children and students three to eighteen years old, 40 cents; physically challenged persons and pensioners duly identified; 50 cents. 


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