1953: An all-time record is established in the volume of the island’s tourist traffic for the calendar year ending December 1952. Tourism is maintaining its position as the island’s second largest earning industry. Against the number of 93,526 visitors to Jamaica in 1951, the total for the year 1952 was 104,786 or an increase which is approximately 12 per cent, exceeding the objective set by the Tourist Board of 100,000 for the year.


1955: Jamaica’s dollar earning from exports in 1954 will near the 11 million mark, the highest ever in the history of the colony. Dollar imports also increase more than three times what they were 10 years ago.


1958: The Ministry of Home Affairs is to be consulted by the Hanover Parish Council regarding a proper water supply for the parish. The decision was made at the January meeting of the council, presided over by Councilor Arnold Jackson. Councilor Austin Taylor brings to the attention of the council that the water situation throughout the parish is very unsatisfactory and that Government should be consulted.


1960: Thirty-seven persons, one of them a child, dies in flaming horror at the Montego Bay Airport in the early hours of the morning as a big Avianca Airline HK177 Super Constellation crashes and explodes on the runway at 2:35 a.m.. Nine persons, four passengers and five crew members survived the most disastrous air accident in civil aviation history in Jamaica.


1961: The business session of the special meeting of the Jamaica Labour Party at the Jamaica Success Club Hall ends abruptly and in near disorder, and for the second time in three months, without a complete executive having been elected.


1964: The main business of the sitting of the House of Representatives, the first regular one for the year, is the proceedings of the Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act, which prescribes increased penalties for ganja smoking, cultivation and trafficking. The Act passes second reading on a strict party division, which is unusual from the fact that it is demanded by the ‘axes’.


1966: Four of the world’s major sugar-importing countries is giving assurances to Jamaican representatives that if the other big importers will go along with it, they will agree to licensing sugar imports as a vital part of a new International Sugar Agreement.

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