1964: A government release has given the breakdown of the £115.000 approved by the House of Representatives toward construction of the Prime Minister’s residence. The main building which will constitute the residence itself will cost £47,000, the other cost being for roads water supply, furnishing, etc.

1970: As of today, January 2, some 40,000 Jamaicans will feel the benefits of various types of income tax reliefs provided by the Government, which became effective yesterday, January 1. This is stated by the Minister of Finance and Planning the Honourable Edward Seaga, who pointed out that today is the first effective payday for 1970 and, therefore, the first time that the effects of the new provisions will be felt.

1975: Thousands of Jamaicans will get income tax relief under new legislation, which came into force on January 1. Increases in allowances for PAYE taxpayers became operable and will provide over 17.2 million in tax reliefs. The personal allowance for individuals is increased from $1,000 to $1,500, wife’s allowance from $250 to $350 and allowance for children form $120 to $200, and from $240 to $300 for a child receiving full-time education at a university or college.

1984: The Minister of Public Utilities and Transport the Hon. Pearnel Charles, called on minibus operators to “hold strain” under the effect of the new gas price increases until the matter was examined and new fares determined.

1994: A hike in commercial rentals in several corporate area plazas is threatening to throw several tenants out of business. Increased rentals are being asked for stores in Manor Park, as well as the Mall and Village Plazas. Store operators are anticipating increases of between 100 per cent and 800 per cent. One tenant in the Mall Plaza, who now pays $120 per sq ft, says his rent will move to $300 per sq ft soon.

1997: Montego Bay’s old and overloaded central sewerage system is to get a J$40 million quick fix to process the city’s sewage more efficiently, but the National Water Commission views the interim project as a waste of money and, according to reports, agreed to go ahead with it only after it came under pressure from several quarters.

1998: Prime Minister PJ Patterson announces the creation of six new ministries, which he says reflects the over-riding priorities of the new administration. The ministries of Mining and Energy, Industry and Investment, Transportation and Works, Local Government and Community Development, Water, and Commerce and Technology are named a new configuration of the cabinet, which has 15 ministries.


2001: National emergency response centres are activated across the island in the wake of extensive landslides and roadblocks following heavy rain over the past three days. 


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