1961: A construction of the new paint plant of Brandram-Henderson (West Indies) Limited is scheduled to begin immediately, a company announcement advertises. The plant will be located on Bell Road, west of Kingston, on a three-acre site which forms part of the industrial estate established by the Jamaica Industrial Development Corporation. It is expected to be in production by June and will employ between 30 and 40 people.


1964: John Charles Atkinson, retired general manager of the then Jamaican Government Railway (now the Jamaica Railway Corporation), dies at his residence in Rockhaven. Atkinson came to Jamaica in 1920 and joined the Government Railway as a traffic inspector, then as a traffic superintendent in 1938 and general manager in 1942. He retired in 1954.


1967: Acting Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Donald B. Sangster formally issues to the Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Ltd its licence which will enable the bank to do business in Jamaica as a local company. The licence is issued under the Banking Law of Jamaica, 1960.


1969: Hugh Shearer returns from his first Commonwealth Prime Ministers’ Conference in the capacity as prime minister of Jamaica. He states that one of the most satisfying developments of the conference is “the greater understanding of the inter-dependence between nations in these times”,


1972: Air Canada indefinitely lays off all of its operation staff in Montego Bay. This action is a direct result of the strike by air traffic controllers and technicians in Canada leading to the cancellation of all Air Canada flights into the island.


1977: Minister of Industry and Commerce Vivian Blake directs an immediate rollback of prices on brakes and brake parts manufactured by Caribbean Brake Products to the level at which they stood. The minister says that if this roll back is not effected immediately, the entire range of brake products will be placed under price control pending investigations and a report from the Prices Commission.


1980: A call on any possible defects in the Labour Relations and Industrial Disputes Act is being made by the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association in regards to a previous strike by the Jamaica Public Service Company supervisors.


1980: There are crocodiles in Garveymeade, a suburban community in St Catherine. But don’t panic, residents. They won’t trouble you unless you trouble them. Besides, they are “endangered species”, according to the National Resource Conservation Department of the Ministry of Mining and Natural Resources and are protected under the law from all hunting and molestation.


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