1950: The ceremony of the installation of HRH Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone, as first chancellor of the University College will take place at Mona. Admission will be by ticket only. Those who wish to attend are requested to apply by letter to the Secretary, Installation Ceremony, c/o Extra Mural Department, University College of the West Indies.


1954: Nursing staff on night duty at the mental hospital on Windward Road in Kingston refuse the coffee and buttered water crackers they are offered for supper, and decide to go on a hunger strike as long as the Medical Department continues “to demonstrate this contempt for their status when it is noted that the meal provided for the nurses at the Kingston Public Hospital tonight consists of fried chicken, rice and peas, fried plantain and baked potatoes”. The previous day, they merely refused to eat, but now they decide to make a public protest.


1958: An attempt to cripple the island’s water supply fails this morning because of the discovery of a stick of dynamite, which would have interrupted the power supply to the western section of the island. Other attempts to sabotage power stations resulted in temporary interruption of service to various parts of the island, but were quickly discovered and corrected.


1962: Moneague’s three-week drought is over and since recently, water has been coming out of the town’s taps, instead of dead lizards, frogs and other unsavory creatures. The trouble was with a mechanical pump which brings the water seven miles from the big hill.


1964: Desnoes & Geddes (Foods) Ltd is granted approval under the Industrial Incentives Law to provide a wide range of processed foods, including pepperpot soup, at a factory being constructed beside its brewery at Hunts Bay in St Andrew.


1967: Gary Sobers, who makes 95 not out, receives good support from Charlie Griffith and Wes Hall as he pilots the West Indies into the lead on the third day of the third Test in Madras, India.


1971: The leader of the Opposition, Mr Michael Manley, says that he welcomes the fact that “the army is helping the police force to capture guns and other lethal weapons; and that the only answer to violent crime is to stamp it out calculatedly and swiftly”.


1976: Allen Isaacs, minister of mining and natural resources, is to resign as minister with almost immediate effect. The Gleaner understands, however, that Mr Isaacs will continue to be the member of parliament for Northern St Andrew.


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