1907: An earthquake in Jamaica destroys Kingston and takes 1,000 lives.


1941: The first five candidates to be accepted by the air ministry in London, for the Royal Air Force, leave for England to join the force.


1952: Majority party leader, Alexander Bustamante, offers Government 50 acres of his Retreat property in St Thomas at a nominal rental of one shilling a year for the entire acreage for use in a food-production drive. The land is in the John’s Town area and is said to be very fertile.


1953: A film, Let’s Stop Them, which deals with praedial larceny, its effects on rural life and how farmers can organise to rid their communities of the problem, premieres at the lecture hall of the Institute of Jamaica.


1956: Jamaica-born singer Harry Belafonte, who popularises Jamaican folk songs internationally, comes to Jamaica on vacation after many years in the United States.


1957: The mayor of Kingston, Balfour Barnswell, holds a conference with E.M. Lampart, acting chief electoral officer, to discuss the question of holding elections to fill three vacancies on the corporation council. The vacancies were caused by the conviction of Councillor Hubert Latore on a charge of receiving stolen goods, the death of Councillor Clifford M. Campbell and the resignation of Councillor Adolphus Walker, deputy mayor.


1965: Former United States baseball star Jackie Robinson arrives in Jamaica for a short visit, to carry out preliminary investigations and hold discussions about the possibility of developing low- and middle-income housing schemes. Robinson is also one of the leading activists in the civil-rights movement in the USA.


1972: The Children’s Own newspaper resumes with the first issue dated January 31. Special features this term will be the start of the 1972 Spelling Bee, the 13th annual all-island competition for schools which subscribe to the Children’s Own.


1979: Government leaders hold two top-level meetings in Kingston with travel-industry personnel in a major endeavour to save the island’s wobbling tourist industry from rising cancellations because of the previous week’s anti-gas hike demonstrations islandwide, and the resulting adverse publicity abroad.


1983: The Licensing Authority is revoking the minibus road licences of 14 operators because of their “wilful refusal” to carry schoolchildren. Twelve of these operators are from Kingston and two fromSpanish Town. The Licensing Authority calls on the minibus operators involved to cease operating immediately and return their licences to the authority at 8 Dumfries Road, Kingston 10.



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