1948: grave shortage of beef cattle faces the island, and competent observers are inclined to blame the Government’s land policy for this. Year after year, it is recalled that large properties are acquired and cut up for land settlement, the cattle formerly kept on those properties having to be scattered.


1956: Hunts Bay airstrip is no longer available for small aircraft. Owners of the airstrip, Messrs Desnoes and Geddes, have informed the director of civil aviation that they now require the area for industrial expansion. The Hunts Bay airstrip provided an alternative take-off and landing field from Palisadoes for non-scheduled aircraft.


1959: Government grants permission to the Smithsonian Institute of Washington, DC, for submarine exploration of a section of the old city of Port Royal which sank under the sea in the earthquake of June 1692. The project will be under the direction of E.A. Link, an experienced, internationally famous underwater explorer.


1963: A strengthened force of the Black River police, under the command of acting Deputy Superintendent C.G. Robinson, spread throughout the low hills, rocks and woods around the district of Prospect, St Elizabeth. They are seeking to apprehend 30-year-old Melvin Samuels, otherwise known as ‘Doctor Stan’, who is wanted for questioning in the machete slaying of Beryl Forrest, 42, of Black River


1964: JBC-TV disrupts the programme of the Commonwealth Caribbean Conference at Headquarters House on Duke Street in Kingston, being attended by regional heads of government, Trinidad and Tobago’s Eric Williams, Cheddi Jagan of Guyana and Errol Barrow of Barbados. The JBC-TV cameras can only film for nine minutes, after which they have to change spools and tapes, so after Eric Williams’ speech and during Cheddi Jagan’s, the programme is suspended to allow the cameras to change film.


1981: A large high-pressure system centred over the United States and moving towards the southeast resulted in temperatures being lower than normal across the island. A resident of Mandevillereported that he had recorded a temperature of 12°C. The Meteorological Service said a temperature of 8°C had been recorded at Newcastle in the St Andrew hills.


1992: All parliamentarians – government and members of the Opposition – agreed that the 20 per cent pay hike to which they are entitled as a result of similar increases in the salaries of permanent secretaries, will go to the Needy Students’ Fund under the Social and Economic Support Programme administered by the Ministry of Education


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