1942: The Lands Department takes over the Twickenham property east of Spanish Town, which has been purchased by the Government from the United Fruit Company for land settlement purposes. R.A. Foreman, senior overseer of the department, is transferred from Golden Spring in St Andrew to administer the settlement of farmers on the property.


1948: The Daily Graphic newspaper in London, England, publishes an apology to Norman Manley, president of the People’s National Party, for referring to him in its issue of June 22 last year as a communist. The publishers also agree to make amends by payment of damages and costs.


1965: Quick thinking by citizens of Vineyard Town, who climb the tree from which D. Miller, a chauffeur, is hanging himself with his shirt, saves his life. Miller was fired by his employer earlier in the day. In anger, he drove away his former employer’s car and it overturned at the deep corner at the gates of the St Joseph’s Sanitarium on Deanery Road. He crawled out, knotted an end of his shirt around his neck, climbed the tree, and tied the other end to a branch. His life is saved by good Samaritans, but he is arrested and charged with attempted suicide and driving away a car without the owner’s permission.


1969: A pall of heavy black smoke, streaked with orange tongues of flame, climbs 100 feet into the sky over Montego Bay early this morning as the town’s fifth major fire in six months destroys two warehouses and two freight cars.


1977: The new Parliament meets for the first time, swearing in senators at 2 p.m. and members of the House of Representatives from 2:30 p.m. in two separate sittings. Three items of new legislation, including a constitutional amendment, are also to be dealt with by the House once the formalities of election of a speaker and the oath of allegiance are taken.



Education ministry officials journey to the district of Trinityville in St Thomas with the attempt to amend a rift that has developed between citizens of the community and the chairman of the Trinityville Primary School board over the appointment of a principal for the institution.


1986: Widespread disruption of the island’s schools is expected today as teachers begin another round of protest action in an effort to get the Government to increase its 12 per cent wage offer to a more acceptable level. Government, however, says that any withdrawal of services by the island’s teachers would result in salary loss.


1994: The family of Evadney Brown, the St James woman who dies after processing her hair with Jaffry’s Hair Straightener, sues the United States manufacturers for US$10 million, about J$300 million.


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