1936: Church bells toll all over Jamaica to announce the death of King George V.


1949: Scarlet gowns, based on the colour of the University of St Andrew in Scotland, and styled on the fashion of the University of Paris, have been decided on by the council of the college as the academic dress of the University College of the West Indies faculty, when it comes into effect shortly. The scarlet of St Andrew has been chosen for two reasons: as a gesture to the Scottish university for the “interest that has been rendered”, and because members feel that this colour will be in keeping with the tropical surroundings.


1948: Jamaica moves into line with other Caribbean countries when a newwireless telegraph service between this island and the United States of America is inaugurated. With the inauguration of the wireless system, there is now a much quicker service between Jamaica and America, particularly the southern states.


1970: Wide-ranging and far-reaching proposals on the future role and structure of the University of the West Indies are continuing in a paper prepared by Jamaica for the presentation to the Appraisals Committee meeting of the Council of the University of the West Indies, which begins at St Augustine, Trinidad and Tobago.


1975: Mr Edward Seaga is calling on Prime Minister Michael Manley to answer publicly, the questions raised in a memorandum dated January 9, prepared by APL staff members in a meeting held in the sound auditorium of JBC.


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