1948: Alteration in the price of bread by the baking trade becomes officially known to the public when the food controller issues a formal release dealing with the price of bread and counter flour. While the price is standard, the loaf has been officially reduced from 51/2 ounces to 41/2 ounces. It’s a smaller loaf for the same price.

1954: The appointment of L.H Greenwood Barton, BSc as adviser on standards for a period of two years in Jamaica is interpreted as the beginning of a new dispensation for the food-processing industry here.

1966: After a long debate, one of the longest in times, the House of Representatives all but passed the bill amending the Wharfage Law. The amendments relate to the establishments of new dock facilities at Newport West, Kingston.

1972: Sir Godfrey Agnew, clerk of the Privy Council in the United Kingdom is now on a nine-day visit to Jamaica to advise the University of the West Indies on the revision of its charter and statutes.

1972: The proposed bus service by the Jamaica Omnibus Services between Papine and Mavis Bank, St Andrew, will commence operations. A new route between Barbican and Jacks Hill Village, St Andrew, will also begin operation.

1976: The West Indies Shipping Corporation’s newly appointed general manager, Ackbar Ali, arrives on a four-day visit during which time he attends to matters on behalf of the corporation.

1982: Over 150 items of drugs are out of stock in Jamaica at present. Essential drugs, such as antibiotics, cardiac drugs, opthalmics, drugs for the treatment of diarrhoea, asthma and anesthetics, are all out of stock.

1987: Internationally acclaimed sculptress and mother of Jamaica’s modern artistic development Edna Manley, OM, dies in her sleep at her home, 18 days short of her 87th birthday.

1990: Dr Errol Morrison, senior lecturer and head of the Department of Biochemistry at the University of the West Indies Mona, is named ‘Administrator of the Year’ by the Administrative Management Society.

1960: Dog racing, which was to have been Jamaica’s newest sport, has been banned. The announcement is made by the Hon Wills O. Isaacs, minister of trade and industry, who issued the following: “I have directed the Trade Board in accordance with the provision of the Trade Law, 1955, to put the importation of dogs for racing purposes, as well as the equipment required for dog racing, on specific licensing.”

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