1966: Minister of Home Affairs, Roy McNeil announces that an additional Fix Registration Centre has been established to serve the Constituency of West Rural St. Andrew and in particular the areas of Pembroke Hall and Duhaney Park. The centre will be situated at the residence of Mr. Robleigh White of 9 Anglesea Avenue, Pembroke Hall and will come into operation on February 9, 1966.

1968: Jamaica Citizens Bank opens its first baniking office. Located in the Carib Theatre Building at Cross Roads, in Kingston, it is described as a ‘special service branch’ branch. This phase means that the branch is a “miniature” bank operated by only three staffers ; a manager and two tellers, although it offers full services for current and savings accounts and other services which are peculiar to Jamaica Citizens Bank, such as the sale of investment savings certificates. A feature of the operation of this special branch is that it is maintaining longer opening hours than have been prevailing in banking in the island. 

1970: A proposal that all Members of Parliament should make a complete disclosure of their “possessions, assets, net worth and sources of income” is made by Leader of the Opposition Michael Manley. Mr. Manley makes his proposal at a press conference, a few days before the first meetign set for February 10, 1970 of the committee of the House of Representatives which has been appointed to discuss procedure in connection with a motion by Mr. Manley on this matter which was accepted by the House in 1969.

1973: The founder and headmaster of Knox College, Mr. Lewis Davidson states that an education system based on the assumption that there must be a teacher in the classroom at all times, was “riding for a fall.” Speaking at the weekly lucnheon of the Rotary Club of Kingston at the Sharaton Kingston Hotel, Mr. Davidson feels that what is needed in the schools today are motivators and guides for learning. There is a need for independence in learning and self-instructing learning programmes. “We need to develop a more relevant educational system. We must cease from cramming our children’s brains with useless information. We must create a type of mind to learn what is to be learnt when it needs to be learn, Mr. Davidson says.

1973: Mr. Wesley A. Wainwright is appointed Special Adviser on Industrial Relations to the Ministry of Industry and Tourism. Mr. Wainwright, who has been General Secretary of the National Workers Union for the past six years, will appraise investors of labour conditions in Jamaicas as they affect workers and of standards and working conditions that the Government deems acceptable. 

1976: Joint Senior Cup cricket champions, Melbourne and St. Catherine are among the three teams lossing on the first innings as the second round of the 1976 renewal of the annual competition ends with no play at all in the scheduled Boys’ Town Kensignton game. The other losing team is Lucas at Camp. Melbourne’s loss to newcomers All-Bauxite at Port Esquivel is perhaps the most significant result of the round as Renford Pinnock leads the bauxite squad to 134 for 8 decalres to Melbourne’s meagre 95 and then had the joint champion from Derrymore Road 44 for 1 when play ended, cut short by some 160 minutes due to poor weather.


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