1964: The Collector General’s Department announces that the total revenue collected by its department during the financial year 1962/63 amounted to 39,367,710 pounds compared with 35,674,992 in the previous financial year – an increase of 3,692,718 or 9.4 per cent. These collections were the highest in the history of the department.


1965: Kingston Wharves Ltd announces its plan for a half a million (British pounds) project to provide modern cold storage facilities for the port of Kingston as part of their involvement in the Newport West development. These facilities will enable cold storage to be landed at their docks in Newport West and go directly from the ship holds into cold storage.

1968: The honourable Roy McNeil, the minister of home and affair, undergoes an emergency operation at the Medical Association Hospital and he is now resting comfortably.

1971: Jamaica make a fine fightback on the second day of their four-day game against the Indian cricketers at Sabina Park. Jamaica claim the last five Indian wickets for 26 runs in 50 minutes before lunch and at close are 82 behind with four wickets still intact.

1978: A group of seven ministers of religion says in a statement that they strongly disagree with and vigorously repudiate the stand taken by representative of nine Christian’s denominations on the issue of paid maternity leave for unwed teachers. Declaring that they did not accept this as the official view of the Church in Jamaica, the clergymen say that a justified paid maternity leave for unwed teacher on economic grounds is to divorce moral content from one’s conduct

1978: Prime Minister Michael Manley departs without ceremony from the Norman Manley international Airport on his way to Europe, where he will visit West Germany, Britain and Hungary. Mr Manley, who arrives at the airport a few minutes before the Air Jamaica flight was due to take off, bids goodbye to the small party of diplomats, defence force, police and ministry of foreign affairs personnel, who were there to see him off.

1982: The minister of construction, the Hon Bruce Golding, announces that the appointment of a contractor general will not be finalised until after February 11. The contractor general will be responsible for the awarding of publicly financed contracts. Mr Golding also adds that the matter has taken some time because, “we are attempting to give the contractor-general effective powers while at the same time not creating a monster that would strangle the process of awarding contracts”.

2001: The Government agrees to sell 80 per cent of its shares in the Jamaica Public Service Company to United States firm Mirant Energy Inc for about us $20 million. Prime Minister P.J. Patterson made the announcement in the House of Representatives.

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