1967: Efforts are being made by Government to resolve the crisis in the medical service which comes about with the resignation of Dr Horace Penso and Dr Wilson, part-time anaesthetists.

1971: Jamaica’s foreign policy will be reviewed and assessed at a Heads of Missions Conference which will take place for one week in Kingston. The prime minister and minister of external affairs will declare the conference open at a ceremony at Jamaica House.

1976: A Jamaican team from Facey Commodity Limited emerges as winners in a new Caribbeanwide sales competition. The team, from the company’s merchandise and drug divisions, wins first place over six teams distributing Sanatogen products – powder and multivitamin tablets in five Caribbean territories.

1982: Major incentive programmes are to be introduced by the minister of agriculture in an effort to boost agricultural production islandwide. The programmes, which are expected to become effective soon, will include the introduction of agricultural wardens to combat praedial larceny, data collection officers, credit officers and the establishment of a prize stabilisation fund.

1982: The Jamaican Government announces plans to eliminate import controls, thus making the Jamaican market an open one and exposing the fledging manufacturing industry here to competition from overseas.

1986: Minister of Health, Dr Kenneth Baugh, says the Port Maria Hospital will be scaled down because of the financial problems that have engulfed the country. He makes this comment as he addresses some concerned citizens.

1990: A new typhoid vaccine is being marketed by the Institut Mérieux. This vaccine, which has already obtained authorisation for marketing, requires only one injection. The efficiency of this new vaccine is about 60-70 per cent.

1990: Desnoes and Geddes Ltd, brewers and bottlers, has put together a calendar of events using music, debate and drama to impart lessons and morals to children, highlighting relevant individual and social issues that touch their lives.

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