1965: Roman Catholic Bishop Rev John McEleney says he would like to see a programme of birth control by the thermal method introducedin the sex-education projects in schools. He is addressing the first session of a two-day annual general meeting of the Jamaica Catholic Educational Association at the Alpha Academy. The Bishop refers to a circular letter he had sent out in August 1964 to headmasters and headmistresses, asking them to get together to plan such as programme. He complains that the work has not yet got under way.


1965: The Australian cricketers win the opening first-class match of their tour at Sabina Park when they defeat Jamaica by an innings and six runs. It is a good victory and an excellent start for the touring cricketers, who had things their own way from Bobby Simpson won the toss and elected to bat on a lovely batting wicket. Final scores are Australia 547 for 5 wickets declare and Jamaica 340 and 201. The Aussies win with 50 minutes to spare before a practically empty ground.


1966: Jamaica’s long-time, world-famous hotel, the stately Myrtle Bank is gutted by fire in one of the most spectacular blazes in Kingston’s history. Fanned by a brisk westerly wind, flames licked through the 92-year-old waterfront hotel on Harbour Street. Firemen and a large contingent of sailors from the United States destroyer Johnston and the transport vessel Suribachi berthed nearby in Kingston Harbour clambers over the roof and walls dousing the flaming building. The hotel would have been the scene of a gala ball to be attended by the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh in aid of the British Empire and Commonwealth Games within a few days.


1967: The new Molynes Road Bridge comes into official use by traffic this morning although the ceremonial handing-over by the Public Works Department of the Ministry of Communications and Works of the KSAC is to be arranged.

1967: New Prime Minister Donald Sangster advises the Governor General to appoint 11 ministers to the new Cabinet. All of the 11 members were of the past Cabinet. Those to be appointed are David Clement Tavares, Edward Seaga, Edwin Allen, Herbert Eldemire, Neville Cleve Lewis, Leopold Lynch, Roy McNeil, John P. Gyles, Lynden Newland, Hugh Shearer and Victor Grant.

1975: A keynote of the two principal speeches made at the official opening of the trade exhibition being staged by the People’s Republic of China at the National Arena is the commitment which both Jamaica and China have to the process of decolonisation. Before declaring the exhibition open, Prime Minister Michael Manley notes that China is the largest nation in the world that is committed to the process of decolonisation. He adds that it “supported the Third World as the main agent in the creation of a new world order.”

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