1955: At the end of the Royal Visit providing five glorious Royal days for Jamaica, Her Royal Highness Princess Margaret will leave today, the last leg of her Caribbean tour which takes her to the fabled islands of the Bahamas. The Princess will sail from Port Antonio aboard the Britannia.


1959: Federation Day is celebrated throughout the West Indies as a public holiday to mark the anniversary of the signing of the federal agreement in London in 1956. Barbados’ prime minister, Sir Grantley Adams, in a broadcast message to West Indians, states that the Federal spirit has grown considerably over the past year.

1959: Despite being ordered by Rastafarians living at the Ethiopian World Federation’s headquarters at 7 Far Avenue in Seaview Pen, western St Andrew, ‘to walk not on holy ground’, the police enter the premises and uproot ganja plants from the land around and also seize quantities of vegetable matter. Two men, Dada King and Nomer No. 1 are arrested.

1963: The Joint Executive of Teachers’ Associations (JETA) plans to mount a massive campaign to gain support from all the island’s teachers for its requests to the Government to see that justice is served in all matters affecting teachers, JETA president Mr. A. Wesley Powell states.

1967: A conflict is developing between the Ministry of Education (MOE) and the heads of grant-aided secondary schools about the length of school holidays and the dates for opening and closing announced by the MOE recently. Among other things the circular sent to the schools on the subject sets the closing date for all schools at mid-summer for July 22, with September 2 as the date for re-opening. This reduces the mid-summer holidays for secondary schools.

1968: Health Minister Dr. Herbert Eldermire announces that as of April 1 the public will be required to pay hospital fees. The exceptions are children under 12 years and pensioners. The fees will be three shillings per day for persons earning between £5 and £7 per week, four shillings per day for persons earning £7 and 10 shillings to £10, and those earning £16 to £20 per week will pay five shillings per day.

1973: The Jamaica National Building Society makes up a loan of $500,000 to the Ministry of Housing to provide long-term finance for potential purchasers of low-cost housing provided by the Ministry. The formal signing takes place at the Ministry.

1976: There is to be no devaluation of the Jamaican dollar, the deputy prime minister and minister of finance, the Hon. David Coore, announces. There will also be no “freezing” of personal-savings accounts in the banks, he adds, as he scotches two rumours which have been current in local banking and other circles for the past two weeks.

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