1905: The Jamaica Polo team departs for Trinidad. The members of the team are B.L. Verley (captain), A.C. Paton, A. Keeling, A.L. Ropers, L.L. Roper and K. Pringle. In October the previous year, a polo team from Trinidad visited the island and engaged in a series of matches against our clubs and the Jamaica team is now returning the sentiment.


1920: The men of the American Destroyer Squadron enjoy an afternoon on the picturesque grounds of Hope Gardens. There is a fairly large turnout of citizens and all present ensure their visitors’ happiness.

1951: Walter Fletcher, JP, returns to his seat on the St James Parochial Board, from which he had to resign recently as a result of a legal technicality concerning the board’s insurance. His opponent, B.M. Alexander, who resigned his own seat on the board in order to fight Fletcher in the No. 6 constituency, lost by 34 votes.

1951: St Andrew High School, defending champions in the women’s hockey KO competition for the Dickie Bradbury trophy, fight back like champions to earn a 1-1 draw with Cecelia ëAí in the 1951 KO final.

1962: A decision to take immediate and decisive action to get Government to accept and respect the legitimate demands of nurses in respect to improved working hours, is taken by the Island Council of the Jamaica General Trained Nurses Association.

1969: Jamaica School of Agriculture at Twickenham Park, Spanish Town, is closed indefinitely after a meeting between the school board and representatives of the school’s student body fail to settle the impasse there. Students of the school have not attended classes since February 13, and have been demanding the resignation of the principal, G.F. Gayle, because of what they term “the victimising and dictatorial attitude” of the principal toward them. 

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