1938: Through the courtesy of Fred L. Myers and Son, radio listeners in Jamaica hears the voice of Mr Harold Alexander, manager of the Jamaica team at the Pan American Games at Panama, broadcasting greetings to Jamaica and commenting on the fine reception which the Jamaica contingent receives on their arrival in Panama.

1953: Government is discontinuing the practice, in certain cases, of lending money to revenue runners for the purchase of motor cars to carry out their duties. The latest decision is that revenue runners must be given loans to buy buggies and horses.

1959: History is made in Jamaica as a studio audience at Radio Jamaica views the island’s first live television show titled The Lennie Hibbert Show featuring the Radio Jamaica Television Combo. The production is put on at the end of a lecture on ‘The Sociological Contribution of Television to 20th-century Civilisation’.

1959: An average of 45 men in each of the island’s prisons attend the adult education classes the Jamaica Social Welfare Commission conducts. The commission instructs male and female prisoners in reading, writing and in various skills to equip them for “gainful occupation at the end of their training”.

1966: The joint committee of Parliament, appointed to inquire into legal education, fusion of barristers and solicitors and other related matters, reports to the House of Representatives. The committee recommends that there be established in Jamaica, facilities for the teaching of law, perhaps in conjunction with the University of the West Indies. The requirement for the practice of law in Jamaica should, in the future, be a university degree of law, to be followed by a period of practical training in Jamaica.

1968: The Hon Allan Douglas, minister of youth and community development, and the Hon Edward Seaga, member of parliament for Western Kingston and minster of finance and planning, are discussing plans for £117,000 pilot project in Urban Community Development in the area.

1976: A $3.2 million Government-financed project designed to boost the country’s milk production by some five million quarts a year, is going up at Shettlewood. The scheme, Shettlewood Co-operative Dairy Complex, will eventually be owned by some 120 young farmers drawn mainly from within Hanover.

1976: Boys’ Town, the giants of the West, recapture the prestigious Arthur McKenzie Trophy when they edged rivals Tivoli Gardens 4-3 in a thrilling game in the second match of a Major League double-header at the National Stadium.

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