1960: Approximately 365 tons of steel comprising the first shipment to be used in the construction of the National Stadium, arrived aboard the S.S. Christallina. The steel is consigned to C.J. Fox Ltd, builders who will erect the stadium at Briggs Park, on War Office land recently acquired by the Government.

1980: More and better electricity supply for Jamaicans are promised in a programme of expansion and improvement of its transmission and distribution systems throughout the island to be carried out by the Jamaica Public Service Company, with the aid of a $20-million loan provided by the World Bank.

1985: Controversial leader of the Chicago-based Black Muslims, Louis Farrakhan, rejected charges that he was a racist and that Libyan strongman Muammar Gadaffi was a terrorist. Speaking at a press conference at Norman Manley International Airport minutes before his departure, Mr Farrakhan said he could not be a racist, as racism is an evil that exalts one race over the other, and that is not righteousness.

1986: The Ganja Eradication Programme is to be intensified by the spraying of fields with the herbicide glyphospate, Prime Minister Edward Seaga announced in Parliament. Seaga also announced that legislation is being drafted to ensure that vehicles involved in the transportation of dangerous drugs would be seized and subjected to forfeiture in cases of conviction.

1987: Popular ‘Public Eye’ host, attorney-at-law Ronnie Thwaites, returns to that programme on Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) radio on Monday, December 14. Thwaites was taken off the programme because of comments he made about a commercial by Courts (Jamaica) Limited, which was airing during the programme. An amicable settlement was made today, during a meeting with the subcommittee of the JBC board, Thwaites and other hosts of the ‘Public Eye’.

1993: Some 120 administrative employees of the 15 branches of the American Life Insurance Company islandwide took industrial action. They are on a “sit in”, protesting against what they say is the management’s unwillingness to settle wage claims.

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