1959: There has been a fall of about 3d a gallon in the price that the Island Sugar Industry receives for molasses. This will make some £262,000 less available to the cane price settlement pool next year when the price of canes for 1960 is finally decided.

1967: The Senate met at Gordon House and passed three bills and a resolution. The bills amended the Bauxite and Alumina Industries Law, provide for the operation of the Law consequent on the establishment of an independent kingdom within commonwealth and make new arrangements in respect of loars raised in the United States and Canada.

1967: Price control has been imposed by The Minister of Trade and Industry on fresh milk sold in the corporate area. By order of the minister, the price of fresh milk sold in a 4oz bottle has been fixed at 2/1d but the price of fresh milk sold in a 30oz bottle has been cut back 1/11d.

1975: Operations at J. Wray and Nephew Limited, Spanish Town Rd, Kingston, came to an halt as the industrial dispute between the company and the Trade Union Congress, (TUC) heightened. The company, in a statement, said that the workers stopped working on the advice of the TUC officer.

1978: Fire swept through a section of West Indies Synthetics, manufacturers of plastic cups and containers at Twickenham Park, St Catherine. It destroyed offices and equipment valued at $ 1.5 million and raised prospects of a shortage of the company’s products in February or March next year.

1980: Foreign Minister Hugh Shearer outlined the principles and objectives of Jamaica’s foreign policy today before the ministers and ambassadors of 59 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries.


1993: After many years of lobbying, educators witnessed the official commissioning of the National Council on Education. Speakers and other participants in the ceremony dubbed the moment “historic”, long overdue” and “a moment of great hope”. The event is widely perceived as having the potential to augur well for the future of education in Jamaica.

1997: More persons are convinced that the economy will be better in 1998. According to the findings of a recent poll commissioned by The Gleaner pollster Don Anderson, of Market Research Services Ltd, the state of the economy has been a major topic among just about every segment of the population over the last year. But he says that “while some Jamaicans are optimistic about what is to come, others appear to have given up hope and have questioned what will become of the country.”


1999: A major clean-up of May Pen Cemetery, spearheaded by the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation begins. The project, which has a budget of more than $ 5 million, is to last four weeks and involves about 340 people.


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