1945: Two criminal lunatics escape from the mental hospital. They are Lawford Simmonds, who was recently sentenced to eight years’ imprisonment in the General Penitentiary for burglary and larceny, and Wilford Downer, who was recently given 12 months for the larceny of a bicycle. In prison, both men exhibited signs of madness, either through design or because they were really mentally unbalanced, and were both transferred to the asylum.

1956: The Gleaner Company Ltd is fined £50 by the Court of Appeal on a writ for contempt of court filed by Peter Evans, of Counsel, arising out of a published report of a preliminary inquiry heard before a resident magistrate, in which report of a matter not part of the hearing had been wrongly incorporated into the published report.

1962: Lady Bustamante’s bracelet of gold, diamonds and rubies, a wedding present from the prime minister, which was lost at the National Stadium, is found. Constable George L. Brown of the motorcycle traffic police finds the bracelet on the compound of the stadium, but failing to realise its intrinsic and sentimental value, merely showed it to his friends and associates and decided that he would hand it over to The Star newspaper for the lost column. He dashed up to the Tucker Avenue, residence of the prime minister, after a report from Lady Bustamante appeared on the front page of The Gleaner and, to the joy of everyone, Lady Bustamante identified it as the lost wedding present.

1963: Damage estimated at about £40,000 is done to the business place of Leslie H. Moodie, druggist and medical-equipment supplier, at 52A Church Street. The fire was discovered at about 6’o clock by two tenants of the upper floor, and the fire call was answered by units from the York Park Fire Station under the command of Leslie Spaulding. The fire was brought under control in about an hour.

: Granville Hamilton Owen, principal of the Mico College, is been appointed a Privy councillor. He succeeds the late Sir Charles as a member of the council.


1992: The police are in the process of initiating extradition proceedings to get businessman Danhai Williams back into the country. The news comes 24 hours after the police had prepared a warrant for the arrest of Williams on a charge of conspiracy to defraud the Jamaican Government of $20 million. The change results from investigations by the police and Revenue Protection Division into the billion-dollar motor-vehicle import racket.

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