1934: It is learnt that a number of employees of the railway are asking themselves whether the Government will give consideration to a scheme which, it appeared at the time, the former governor was prepared to inaugurate for a widows and orphans pension fund for workers in that department of the colony’s services, who are not on the civil list.

1950: The Water Commission has completed the blueprint stage of plans to give the Corporate Area a reserve supply of pure water amounting to at least a day’s consumption. This reserve is to be held against any sudden and major breakdown in the catchments or distribution systems. Beginning with the New Year, the two old reservoirs at Montgomery Corner, Cross Roads, are to be repaired and brought back into service to hold about two million gallons of pure water.

1959: Locally produced rice will be packaged for the first time next year, G.G.R Sharpe, chairman of the Agricultural Development Corporation announced. Machinery to carry out this phase of the operations of the Corporation has not yet been imported, but arrangements are being made. This decision to package rice locally was reached after discussions between Wills O. Isaacs, minister of trade and industry; Keble Munn, minister of agriculture and lands, and Sharpe.

1959: The sugar industry’s second attempt to start large-scale reaping in December has been foiled like the first. This year, the weather is the cause. The Sugar Manufacturers’ Association announced in November that eight estates would begin grinding in December, so far, only three have started.

1980: Director of Tourism John Gentles, has said that if the tourist sector is to realise growth and provide the basis for economic recovery, then the highest level of professionalism would be needed in all areas of the industry. In his first major address since assuming office, Gentles listed certain key areas in which he said high professional standards must be encouraged and maintained for tourism to flourish. These areas include services at the airports, hotels, taxi and ground transportation systems, and in the field of entertainment and craft.

1992: Our major achievement is in economic development. We have liberalised our economy and this has unleashed tremendous talent and entrepreneurship in Jamaica, states Jamaica’s ambassador to the United States, Richard Bernal.


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