1955: Rymesbury, cattle property of 4,837 acres, lying in the heart of the mid-Clarendon irrigation and development area, is being marked by the Government as the second big property to be acquired by Land Bonds. The first is Allsides in Trelawny.

1961: The year 1961 marks the first year of operation for the Agricultural Development Programme. In the words of Wesley Lewis, president of the St Thomas Jamaica Agricultural Society’s Branches Associated, it is a fitting time to look at the progress of the programme; to take stock as it were, and give the officers administering a measure of the feeling of the people.

1962: Prime Minister Sir Alexander Bustamante, on behalf of the Government of Jamaica, signed a revised agreement with the Foreshore Development Company Ltd for the reclamation of approximately 225 acres of land in western Kingston.

1966: “A gift from true-hearted citizens to the youths of Spanish Town and the adjoining areas” is how Governor General Sir Clifford Campbell describes the Spanish Town Youth Centre, which he opened Wednesday afternoon. After cutting the ribbon to open the centre, built adjoining the St Catherine District Prison, Sir Clifford later addressed the audience.

1969: Minister of Finance and Planning Edward Seaga has issued a further report on the 1970 census to keep the country up-to-date with the work that is proceeding in the Department of Statistics in its programme of planning for the carrying out of the Population Census in April 1970.

1975: A $90,000 contract for the laying of water mains on Barnett Street , Montego Bay, part of the $18-million new major water-supply scheme for the northern city and the coastal strip extending to Falmouth, is signed between the National Water Authority (NWA) and Consolidated Engineers at the NWA’s office.

1978: There is the general opinion of Hotel Industry Agencies and their representatives that Jamaica will enjoy a very good 1978/79 winter tourist season that gets under way officially on December 15. A number of hotels have reported that pre-bookings indicate that hotel occupancy levels will be much improved over the past four seasons.

1986: The executive of the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association, in a statement issued recently, congratulated Metropolitan Parks and Markets and the Jamaica Sidewalk Vendors Association on the “remarkable transformation” that has taken place in the Constant Spring shopping area by the relocation of the vendors to the Vendors’ Arcade.

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