1951: Banana growers in Portland have been extremely lucky with their end-of-year planting. The weather has been good since the hurricane so that the thousands of suckers put in have not only been growing well, but have needed the minimum of “supplying”.


1957: Education has become a subject of governmental and public interest and investigation. Hitherto, the spotlight has been focused on the means whereby children can attend school. But just as fundamental a question is how and what should be taught.

1959: Adding to its world-famous attractions of beautiful white-sand beaches, near-perfect climate and varied scenic beauty, this island is developing another natural asset which is anticipated to prove a strong attraction for tourists, says a Tourist Board release.

1960: Reconstruction of the Jamaica Library Service Board and the Parish Committees will be effected under an amendment of the Jamaica Library Service Law passed in the House of Representatives.

1963: The Government’s new Community Development Programme will be officially launched on Tuesday, January 7, with the opening of the first community centre at Princessfield in St Catherine by Minister of Development and Welfare Edward Seaga.

1965: The Breezy Point Hotel at Mahoe Bay opened today, with 20 two-room suites.When completed in two years’ time, the hotel, which will then have 500 two-room suites, will be the largest in the West Indies.


1967: The Rev Lewis Davidson, principal of Knox College, speaking on Sunday at the valedictory service and prize-giving ceremony for 157 campers of the Youth Development Agency’s youth camp at Cobbla, said Jamaica needed people to do the jobs nobody else wanted to do and they should not look forward to the easy way of life.


1969: The chairman and the board of directors of Henriques Bros Ltd and Kingston Industrial Garage announce the appointment of Roy DeSouza as general manager of Kingston Industrial Garage. DeSouza brings a wealth of experience to his new position, having been a prominent member of the KIG staff for the past 25 years, during which time he has been vitally involved with all the phases of the operation.

1975: The National Housing Trust Act is expected to be passed into law by January 31. Prime Minister Michael Manley had announced on October 8 that the Housing Trust and contributions to it would come into effect on January 1.

1980: It is curious that there are several references in Jamaican folklore to a duckanoo tree. This botanical improbability is mentioned in a story of that name in Miss Beckwith’s collection, but I once heard a story from Hanover, very similar, in which it is mentioned.

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