1950: A joint committee of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce Ltd and the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association Ltd that examined the question of the development of local industries and the effect on trade, has made its report to the board of directors of the chamber.

1953: Dr W.W. Grave, principal of the University College of the West Indies, stressed the importance of the practical aspect of education at the closing exercises of the Approval School, Stony Hill.

1954: One hundred and six persons were nominated to contest the third general election under universal adult suffrage for the House of Representatives. Of the number, 31 were Jamaica Labour Party candidates and 32 People’s National Party candidates.

1956: Abe Issa, chairman of the Jamaica Tourist Board, will take part in a special promotion for the island’s tourist industry on a television programme in New York.

1963: Their Excellencies, Governor General Sir Clifford Campbell and Lady Campbell, took cheerful Christmas messages to patients in the Kingston Public and Victoria Jubilee hospitals when they went visiting.


1965: The site at East and North streets owned by the Gleaner Company Ltd is cleared and reduced to appropriate levels for building construction. Portions of the land along East Street and also along North Street are being transferred to Kingston and St Andrew Corporation (KSAC) for street widening, and the north end of Georges Lane, forming a cul-de-sac into The Gleaner land, will be transferred by the KSAC to the Gleaner Company.

1967: Excelsior shocked Manning Cup football champions Kingston College (KC), after being one goal down, by inflicting a 3-1 defeat in the final of the Walker Cup competition at the National Stadium, and robbed KC of a second trophy this season.

1968: Perhaps no other town in Jamaica has had a more complicated evolution of its name than Martha Brae in Trelawny. While the traditional belief is that it was of Spanish origin, its present name smacks of Scottish descent. The one thing that is agreed upon so far is that the town takes its name from the river adjoining it of the same name.

1969: Today, JBC-TV presents an intimate portrait without parallel, The Royal Family, to be shown at 5 p.m. This is the first record on film of the day-to-day, on-and-off duty activities of British Royalty. For the first time in history, a British sovereign has been filmed while giving audience, receiving the prime minister, presiding over a meeting of the Privy Council, and accepting Letters of Credence of Ambassadors. Above all, you can see and hear the queen and her family in unrehearsed conversations throughout an entire year.

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