1939: Jamaica will ship to the Mother Country this week about 100,000 stems of bananas, while another 7,000 or 8,000 will go to Canada. This will be the contribution of the three banana companies. It is a big improvement over the past weeks.

1952: Tourist Commissioner F.H. Robertson announces that Jamaica will again be linked with Miami, Florida, by a direct passenger-ship service during the coming tourist season, after a lapse of 14 years.


1952: A proposal for the start of a National Stadium at Tinson Pen is already before Government and is receiving favourable reaction. The proposal is that 30 acres of ground in this section of the Corporate Area should be earmarked for the development of a National Stadium over the course of the years.


1956: Governor Sir Hugh Foot and Lady Foot will pay their annual visit to the Kingston Public Hospital in connection with the distribution of gifts to children in Lower and Upper Nuttall wards.

1960: Jamaica’s winter tourist season has risen to accelerate activity which is expected to be maintained from December 16, the official opening date of the season to the official close on April 15.


1965: Acting Prime Minister Donald Sangster calls on Jamaicans, as Christians, to rededicate their lives this Christmas, so that if possible “we can carry over Christmas 1965 to the whole year, 1966.”


1968: Mr Lascelles Panton, managing director of L.S. Panton Ltd, rural bus operators, tells the Licensing Authority that if he thought no improvement could be expected in locally manufactured Goodyear tyres, his company would decide to close down.

1969: A new headquarters to house the Bank of Jamaica is to be built on a site in downtown Kingston, waterfront re-development area. It will be a financial complex of buildings, covering two acres, between East Street and Duke Street.

1973: Edward Seaga, minister of finance and planning, announces that the processed-food industry is to enjoy the facility of duty-free raw materials in the near future as soon as drafting of the legal order is completed.

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