1958: The Municipal Christmas tree landed at the No 3 pier, Kingston from aboard the passenger-freighter m.v. Sunadele, which brought it from Montreal Canada. A gift to the City from Saguenay Shipping Limited made through their local agents Sprostons Jamaica Limited. The 40- foot tree, the largest of its kind to arrive in the island since the custom inaugurated in 1952, will be erected in Victoria Park.

1965: Mr. Justice Chambers (acting) awarded The Gleaner Company Ltd damages in the amount of £ 2,500 in the action claiming damages for libel which the Gleaner Company had bought against City Printery Ltd Costs were ordered to be taxed or agreed. Judgement by default had been entered against City Printery when they failed to contest the suit and the judge heard evidence in the matter touching assessment of damages, he reserved judgement. The libel against which the Gleaner Company complained is said to be contained in an article published in Public Opinion on February 28,1964 by the defendant.

1969: There is a shortage of postage stamps in the 1c, 2c, and 5c denomination range as a result of what appears to be an unusual dispatch of Christmas cards. The Kingston Central Office ran out of these stamps and although the shortage is not islandwide most large post offices have been affected.

1970: Princess Alice, 88-year-old great aunt of Queen Elizabeth, is resigning as Chancellor of the University of the West Indies after 21 years in the post, it was officially announced today. The announcement from her Kensington- Palace Home said that she would resign with effect from the date on which her successor is chosen. The heads of governments of the territories subscribing to the University have been informed.

1975: The Industrial Dispute Tribunal failed in its bid to obtain an agreement for work resumption at J. Wray and Nephew Ltd. Dr John Martin charged the tribunal.

1980:Edmund Bartlett, minister of state in the Office of the Prime Minister, with responsibility for information and culture, announces that Government is selling shares in Radio Jamaica.

1990: Jackie Mittoo, one of Jamaica’s pioneer musicians, died in Canada. Mittoo, 42, who reportedly died of lung cancer, was best known for his instrumental hit Ram Jam . He was a keyboard player.

2000: There is a growing deer population in the hills of west Portland, but farmers complain that the foraging animals are costing them dearly.

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