1966: As a prelude to the Jamaica Telephone Company’s development programme, which is to start next year, preliminary work has started, in a change of numbers for some subscribers in the Corporate Area. Beginning at midnight, all subscribers whose telephone numbers begin with the series 61-64 will have these substituted by the new series: 41-44. These new numbers will be in operation at midnight tonight.

1986: Gregory Isaacs is fined $50,000 or three years in prison at hard labour after he pleaded guilty in the Home Circuit Court to possession of cocaine. Justice Smith (acting) gave Isaacs two weeks with surety to pay the fine.

1968: Jamaica paid honour to two great men last night – Marcus Garvey of Jamaica, and Martin Luther King Jr of the United States of America. On the evening of Human Rights Day, in the International Year of Human Rights, Jamaica made the award of the Marcus Garvey Prize for Human Rights, named after one of our national heroes, to Martin Luther King, hero of the American civil rights movement. Mrs Coretta King, widow of the slain American Negro leader, who was assassinated in April of this year, received the award from the prime minister of Jamaica, Hugh Shearer, at a moving ceremony in the National Arena.

1979: Carl W. Dundas, assistant attorney general, is the new director of elections. His appointment completed the composition of the eight-member Electoral Advisory Committee, the interim body which will operate until an electoral commission is entrenched in the Constitution. Governor General Sir Florizel Glasspole appointed him, on the recommendation of the nominated and selected members of the Electoral Advisory Committee.

1965: The Senate met and, sitting beyond the lunch hour, passed a bill to provide for the registration of certain professions supplementary to medicine, the regulation and the conduct of members of those professions, and the regulation of the training for those professions.

1954: Three prominent cattlemen from Venezuela and an official of the United States Department of Agriculture arrived to attend the Brahman cattle show, which will take place at the Government Experimental Station at Grove Place, near Mandeville, Manchester.


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