1965: Two major United States corporations will set up a flour mill and an animal feed plant in East Kingston shortly, processing Canadian wheat. Capital outlay, initially, will be about £1,250,000.

1969: Mr Clinton McGann, poultry farmer of Mavis Bank, St Andrew, who won the National Champion award last year, is declared the winner of the 1969 contest, at the Denbigh showgrounds.

1974: Cheaper locally grown food for persons in “the most depressed areas of the country”, abolition of credit ceilings on bank loans, further relaxations in import licensing, and special interest rates on money for housing and production is announced by Prime Minister Michael Manley in an Independence Day broadcast to the nation.

1977: Bauxite production of 11.8 million tonnes is expected to earn revenue amounting to $197 million this year, the Minster of Finance, David Coore, tells the House of Representatives.

1980: Recommended changes in the Trespass Law, due to come before the Cabinet shortly, will provide stiffer penalties for predial larceny, including a $1,000 fine, a term at hard labour on a government food farm, will make restitution to farmers through the fines, and will confer on any citizen the right of arrest of praedial thieves.

1985: Chief Justice Edward Zacca and sculptor Alvin Marriott head the list of persons honoured in the 1985 Independence Honours Awards. Sir Florizel Glasspole makes this announcement.

1988: For the next four days, the National Arena in St Andrew will be the place to go to see beautiful things – of a variety of made-in-Jamaica craft items created by 300 of the island’s finest craft workers. ‘Just Beautiful Things’, the name given to the exhibition, is a major trade show to unveil the finest masterpieces and new product designs sponsored by Things Jamaican Ltd.

1992: As the parish of Westmoreland grapples with its third outbreak of typhoid in less than three years, health authorities have confirmed three typhoid cases in the Roaring River area of the parish while another nine suspected cases are being treated at the Savannah-la-mar hospital.

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