1953: The arbitration of wages in the bauxite industry between the National Workers’ Union and Alumina Jamaica Ltd and Kaiser Bauxite Company opens at the Labour Department. The National Workers’ Union’s case will be presented by Mr N.W. Manley, QC, and Alumina Jamaica Ltd and Kaiser Bauxite Co will be represented by Douglas Judah, MLC and Mr Leslie Ashenheim, respectively.

1956: A master plan for the beach areas of Jamaica is being prepared by the Government under expert guidance. Until this plan is ready, no licences will be issued by the Beach Control Authority for any development in those areas, which include, specifically, the beaches in the Negril area, St Thomas and around the Hellshire Hills in St Catherine.

1956: All-Jamaican crews may be operating trolley buses of the Nottingham City Transport for the first time in about two weeks time. Several Jamaicans who have served the company for more than one year have been receiving driving instruction and should pass as fully fledged drivers shortly.

1964: Military units and uniformed services march through Kingston in a colourful parade to mark the second anniversary of Jamaica’s independence. Prime Minister Sir Alexander Bustamante takes the salute from the Queen Victoria statue.

1967: A short-term and a long-term approach to solving the banana industry’s problems are to be recommended to Prime Minister Hugh Shearer by the eight-man committee which he set up a fortnight ago to probe the industry’s difficulties.

1971: Jamaica and Costa Rica are to exchange visits of technical personnel to establish a programme of cooperation in cultural and economic fields, the leaders of both countries agreed.

1975: Independence celebrations climax with thousands across Jamaica celebrating the country’s 13th anniversary as a new nation in their own way, as well as joining in the many festival programmes being held by parish committees.

1979: Islandwide celebrations of the Island’s 17th year of Independence will reach a crescendo over this weekend and continue, with emphasis being mainly on agricultural and cultural activities.

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