1966: The constitutional principles involved in the creation of new political constituencies feature discussion at the second meeting of the Constituencies Boundaries Committee of the House of Representatives.

1969: The Gleaner is informed that negotiations between the owner of Serge Island Estate in St Thomas and a syndicate of farmers, for the acquisition and continued operation of the estate by the syndicate, have broken down with little prospect of immediate resumption.

1972: Port Antonio’s bid for the building of a proper cruise ship dock and for the establishment of the area as a free port is being given active consideration by the then present Government and will get positive action as soon as is feasible.

1978: A twin threat to Jamaica’s tourist- industry is posed with the shut- down of flights by Air Jamaica and a cessation of services by Air Canada. Air Jamaica’s ground staff goes on strike, causing cancellation of all the airline’s flights from Kingston.

1981: Prime Minister Edward Seaga signs a grant agreement with the US government for the financing of a technical study of the conversion of the island’s electricity-generating system from oil to coal.

1981: The ruling Jamaica Labour Party retains both parish council divisions in Sligoville, St. Catherine, and Glen Islay, Westmoreland, in by-elections held yesterday

1983: Kingston’s water- supply situation has become even more critical than in past months, the Minister of Public Utilities, Pearnel Charles announces in a nationwide broadcast in which he outlines more stringent water restrictions for the Corporate Area.

1988: The 11th staging of Reggae Sunsplash is now history. The festival, staged over six nights for the first time, is from all indications a financial success. The production is far smoother than in previous years, and the improvement done to the park can easily be seen.

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