1967: The minister of communications and works, Mr Cleve Lewis, signs a contract on behalf of the Government of Jamaica with Messrs Construction and Dredging Limited of Kingston for the carrying out of the Rio Cobre flood-water control scheme which is estimated to cost £2,085,750.

1973: Rohan Kanhai, the target of severe criticism, produces an innings of rich quality and quantity as the West Indies flays England at Lords. Throwing all of his 17 years of batting craft and skill against England on the opening day of the third and final Test, he amassed 156 unbeaten runs and shot the team he is leading to a formidable 335 for four at close.

1978: A National Consumer Education Programme aimed at educating the public on the use of local foods and on economising so as to minimise waste, is launched at a press luncheon at the Jamaica Federation of Women headquarters, 74 Arnold Road, Kingston.

1983: Jamaicans who pay for the services of ‘arrangers’ of fraudulent marriages and procurers of false identification documents to facilitate emigration to the United States are likely to find themselves apprehended at the airport just before departure here, or discover on entering the United States that their alien registration cards are revoked.

1983: A motion calling for the minister of education, Dr Mavis Gilmour, to be removed from office is given notice at the fourth session of the 19th annual conference of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association.

1988: Mr Justice James Sewell Kerr OJ, QC, retired judge of the Jamaican Court of Appeal, is named by Prime Minister Edward Seaga as Senior Ombudsman to help ensue political peace.

1989: Teachers vote to accept Government’s salary offer to them at their 25th annual conference at Club Americana, Ocho Rios.

1992: Air Jamaica cancels its flight in and out of Miami, Florida, as the Miami International Airport closes at 7 p.m local time because of Hurricane Andrew.

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