1949: The cost of constructing a two-lane highway between Kingston and Spanish Town is being estimated by the Public Works Department at £1,200,000. In consequence, Government has turned down a proposal by the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation that such a highway should be constructed between these two points because of the trade importance of the route and the high incidence of accidents.

1949: A charge of dilatoriness is made against the Jubilee Maternity Hospital. Easton Clarke, of 44 Tower Street, tells The Gleaner that following the usual symptoms preceding childbirth, Ellen Griffiths of the same address attended the hospital. She was examined and assured that her case did not warrant immediate attention. A few hours after she returned home, Griffiths gave birth to a baby boy; two hours before a nurse arrived by car.

1954: Shortage of nurses and lack of proper accommodation, joined with other factors, makes the Savanna-la-Mar Hospital an uncomfortable place for both staff and patients. Dr C.C. Wedderburn, assistant DMS who recently returns from an inspection of this institution, confirms a report that there is a critical shortage of nurses, which has consequently led to long working hours.

1956: For two hours, three-man Federal Capital Fact Finding Commission makes a tour of inspection of the 150-acre site at Mona, offered by the Government of Jamaica as the most suitable site for the capital of the British West Indies Federation.

1961: Preliminary plans for the new market at Constant Spring are produced at the KSAC Trusts Committee. The town clerk, Councillor Roy Allen, assured that work on the market would begin within three months.

1965: A total of 600 Jamaicans are being authorised to come to Florida to work in the sugar fields this autumn. The Labour Department’s Bureau of Employment announces the decision in Atlanta, Georgia.

1970: A new $185,000 underground cable, specifically designed to improve telephone service in the Palisadoes area, is being put into service by the Jamaica Telephone Company. A press release issued by the company states that the installation of the new cable has improved transmission service from the Harbour View exchange to the Palisadoes area.

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