1957: The Jamaican Scout Troop, under the leadership of Mr Leslie Mordecai, arrives in London after a tour of Scotland and the Midlands. In London, the scouts are told that the Queen had accepted a gift of a Calypso song written by one of the Scouts, Horace Abrahams. Abrahams, who lives in Kingston, wrote a calypso about the Queen’s visit to the West Indies. He sent his calypso to Her Majesty through the Jamaica jamboree organisers and has now heard that the Queen has acknowledged the gift.

1958: The Minister of Trade and Industry, the Hon Wills O. Isaacs, announces details of preliminary plans for the proposed Victoria Park Hotel. The plans call for a three-story, 300-room hotel building, occupying the northern half of the park, with the main entrance situated just above the present park fountain. It will also include an outside convention hall, designed to seat 600 persons, a 300-person dining room and a cocktail lounge and coffee shop, each capable of accommodating 200 persons. In addition, there will be an olympic size swimming pool, and gardens large enough to accommodate 2000 persons at a reception.


1962: The Government makes a virtually clean sweep of the membership of the board of the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation, which was appointed January 20 for a three-year term. The only member on the new board, who was on the old board and has been a member of the corporation from its inception, is Mr Henry Fowler. The official announcements from the Government states that the membership of the corporation had been reviewed and that it had been decided to revoke the appointment of the present members.


1964: A grave, dug three months ago in the Dorothy’s Church Cemetery, is still empty after two attempts at interment. On the first attempt, the site of the funeral was switched at the last minute to St Mary after all arrangements had been made for burial in the cemetery. On the second attempt, the Minister of St Dorothy’s Church ordered the burial stopped just as the body was about to be lowered into the grave. The minister objected to the burial on the grounds that he knew nothing of the funeral. He then agreed to conduct the funeral services but on the appointed day nobody turned up.


1965: Jamaica has just completed three years Independence, during that time there have been many changes in the economy of the country. Independence has taught us a great deal, but there is a lot more to be realised. Today, we have come to appreciate certain basic characteristics of our economic system, which three years ago we did not consider important, because we were not independent. There used to be the helping hand that we could turn to for aid in times of urgent necessity. Today, it is sink or swim; we are on our own.

1966: A deputation from the Bogue Heights Citizen Association calls on the Minister of Health, Hon Dr. Herbert Eldemire to discuss with him, ways and means of getting rid of mosquitoes and sand flies in the Bogue Heights area.


1968: A prominent Jamaican barrister with a large Cayman Islands practice is refused a work permit to practice law in Cayman.

1969: A contract for construction of the Kingston Spanish Town highway is signed between the Government and the Company of America. Work on the 15-mile stretch between Three Miles and Brunswick on the far side of the Old capital is expected to begin in mid-September. The estimated cost is 3, 245,079 pounds which is being met by a World Bank loan.

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