1963: The first anniversary of Independence sees the inau-guration of Jamaica’s own tele-vision service from the JBC Studios by Sir Alexander Bustamante, prime minister of Jamaica.

1969: Ellonia Rochester, 25-year-old primary school teacher, at Top Hill, St Elizabeth, emerges as Miss Jamaica Farm Queen 1969 in a closely fought contest with three other claimants for the title, at the Denbigh showground in Clarendon.

1972: Montego Bay is facing a water supply crisis with present storage down to 735,000 gallons. The mayor of Montego Bay, Councilor Charles Sinclair, makes the announcement at a news conference.

1975:“This is hooray festival”, according to the words of this year’s festival song, and the islandwide merry-making gathers momentum, leading to the big day, when the 13th anniversary of Independence will be marked by a round-the-clock programme of celebrations in rural and urban areas.

1980: It was announced that Jamaica will host an international conference of representatives of member countries of the International Bauxite Association and major consumers of bauxite and alumina, to discuss problems and prospects of the industry from December 9 to 11 this year.

1985: The final step in the phasing out of the Government-run banana company will be made on July 31 with the closing down of the company’s operations islandwide, signaling redundancy for some 2,300 workers.

1988: “Tough new measures” to prevent the smuggling of ganja and other narcotic drugs and weapons will be implemented at the Norman Manley and Sangster International Airports and at the island’s seaports. Errol Anderson, minister of national security, states that the Ministry of National Security has taken over responsibility for security at Jamaica’s two international airports and at the seaports, from the Ministry of Public Utilities and Transport.

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