1954: A statement is issued by His Excellency the Governor, Sir Hugh Foot on the question of the proposal to increase the number of constituencies for the House of Representatives. Mr Norman Manley, leader of the opposition, referred to the matter in the House. The governor has issued his new statement and the question “to remove any possible misunderstanding”.

1958: “Some patient want to leave and some have asked to be sent home as they cannot tolerate the odour. It Is God’s grace that an epidemic has not broken out as yet in Lucea,” says Dr Noel Holmes, MOH representation for Hanover, as he addressed a large gathering of residents from various parts of Hanover at a meeting. The meeting was sponsored by Mr Percy Miller, JP, to discuss the water situation in Lucea.

1961: In a broadcast, the premier, the Hon Norman Manley, speaking as head of the People’s National Party, says that everyone had suddenly awaken to the fact that all had a responsibility to Jamaica’s problems to be faced, difficulties to be shared, dangers to be fought against and hopes, affections and loyalties common to all. Referring to the recent debate on the Expenditure Budget which he said was the biggest ever and unlike any of its predecessors, he said the Opposition in House of Representatives did not praise it, but had not dared to blame.

1964: About 40,000 new people came under the PAYE system of income tax last year, Deputy Financial Secretary Percy Beckwith says. He was answering a question relayed to him by Finance Minister the Hon Donald Sangster at the latter’s press conference called to discuss the 1964-65 Budget and related matters. The whole question of income tax evasion and the efforts being made to see the more people whose earnings warranted income tax payment complied with law were under discussion at the time.

1966: Kingston College has done it as they wins the 4 x 110 Penn Relays for the third successive year and made the Thomas Adoff Trophy their permanent property. The greatest triumph in the story of the schoolboy relay team, American Sports writers have dubbed the ‘Jamaican Jaguars’ came in Philadelphia University Stadium. Before a crowd of 24,252, Kingston sprinters Jim Grant, Ralston Johnson, Pat Beckford and Colin Greene streaked around the track to finish in first place cracking a time of 43 seconds flat.

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