1951: As from this weekend, beef supplies for the Corporate Area will be cut by 50 per cent. Only about 100 carcasses will be available for distribution instead of the usual 200 carcasses. This information is contained in a release issued by the Livestock Clearing House, which attributes the drop in supplies to the protracted drought and the falling off in condition of cattle held up by pen keepers pending settlement of the cattle price for 1951 issue.


1955: The opinion that the local match factory could not compete with imported matches, even if they had to sell at the same price, was expressed before the Government commission probing the match industry by Rudolph Daniel Cohen Henriques Jr, managing director of Jamaica Match Industry Ltd, as he continued his evidence in the Legislative Chamber, Headquarters House.

1957: Workers in the Locomotive Department of the Jamaica Government Railway have gone on strike and remain off the job throughout the day causing cancellation of the regular 3:30 p.m. diesel to Montego Bay. The men were addressed by the Hon A.G.S. Coombs, minister of communication and works, who told them of executive council’s decision to deal immediately with the situation in order to make “a positive statement on conditions of work and remuneration” by May 20 or 21.

1958: Lloyd Heath, a 13-year-old pupil of Rollington Town Government School, is killed on the school premises when the wheels of a milk truck passed over his body after he was knocked down. It is reported that Heath was playing with other children in the school yard when the United Dairy Farmers’ milk truck on the way out after delivering milk for the children knocked him down.

1962: Eight banana growers in various parts of the island have been selected by the All-Island Banana Growers’ Association to make commercial trials of a new variety of bananas, Boldles Altafort. Seedlings of the new variety will be issued, the minister of agriculture and lands having given permission for release of the variety. Only eight growers could be considered as the Banana Research Department has only about six acres of seedlings on 12 half-acre plots.

1965: In a Ministry Paper laid in the House of Representatives, Acting Prime Minister and Finance Minister Donald Sangster outlined various steps being taken by the Government to encourage private investment in the island. There are references to existing legislation and proposed new legislation to safeguard investments along with amendments, envisaged where it is thought that these may aid the Government’s purpose.

1967: All four of the major prizes in the Jamaica Turf Club Ltd, Jamaica Hospitals Sweepstakes, based on the Governor’s Cup Race drawn at Caymanas Park Race Course have gone overseas to the United States and Canada. The first and fourth prizes go to residents of the USA and the second and third to residents of Canada.

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