1947: Captain W. L. M. Johnson, owner of the a Cub plane (VP-JAM) of Air Services (Jamaica Ltd) accompanied by A. Fraser, attempts to take off from the Palisadoes Airport but crashes without serious effects and is forced down at the southern section of the airdrome. Saunders, assistant manager of the airport, who witnessed the plane’s dive rushed to the scene, followed by members of the staff of the various airways and a number of visitors to the airport.

1950: A decision is taken by the Planning Sub-Committee of the House of Representatives Select Committee on Unemployment that the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation and each parochial board should be invited to appoint a parish committee to assist members of the House in finding solutions for the relief of unemployment. The subcommittee holds this, its first meeting at Headquarters House under the chairmanship of Sir Harold Allan, OBE, minister of finance.

1953: A comment by F. H. Robertson, tourist trade commissioner, on the need to cut hotel and transportation prices in Jamaica, brings about a strong protest from members of the Hotel Association. Robertson was one of the speakers at the official luncheon given at the Montego Beach Hotel to mark the inauguration of Avianca’s direct air service between New York and Montego Bay.

1955: After a trial lasting five days, George Peryer, MHR for Northern Eastern Clarendon, is found guilty by His Honour Herbert J. Shelley, acting resident magistrate in court at May Pen and is ordered to pay a fine of £50 or three months’ imprisonment for a breach of the Representation of the People law. Under Section 83 (c) of the law under which the defendant was charged, he automatically loses his seat in the House of Representatives and disqualification as a voter for five years unless there is a decision to the contrary by the Court of Appeal.

1958: The Steerfield drought, which has been rapidly worsening since January, threatens the entire lives of the community four miles from Claremont, St Ann. “You can either be honest and die of thirst, or you can steal water from the Reynolds Bauxite water tank and stand a chance of living,” was the summing- up of an afternoon spent talking to the men and women here. The sole legitimate source of water for the nearly 500 inhabitants of this district is a filthy muddy pond with about 10 inches of water in it, in which a sow and young piglets were wallowing.

1960: A new government measure of mortgage insurance, designed to allow middle-income persons to acquire their own homes in the price range of £1,500 to £6,000 on down payments of only 10 per cent, is passed by the House of Representatives. The measure came before the House in the form of a bill piloted by the Hon Vernon Arnett, minister of finance, through all its stages and sent on to the Legislative Council for approval before becoming law.

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