1951: Government has invited Jamaica Utilities to talks on the public transport situation in the Corporate Area and the contemplated revocation of the monopoly licence held by the company. So far, no date has been fixed for the conference but it is expected to take place within the next week in view of the speedy consideration being given the transport problem by the Government.


1956: Tens of thousands of choice varieties of mango plants are to be distributed by the ministry of agriculture during the approaching summer in an effort to effect a large-scale expansion of the local mango industry. C.D. Hutchings, deputy director of agriculture (extension), discloses this to the annual meeting in Chapleton of the Jamaica Agriculture Society Clarendon Branches Association.

1959: Disorder breaks out at the Royal Mall Lines Wharf when angry portworkers, who had struck after refusing to accept their pay because of a change in the conditions by which they are paid, invaded the main offices, loudly demanded their full pay and manhandled Peter Yapp, acting general manager of the company. This, the latest development on the Kingston waterfront, leads the Shipping Association of Jamaica to make a demand on the ministry of labour and the trade unions.

1963: The former chairman of the Jamaica Industrial Development Corporation, Harry Dayes, tells the commission probing the failure of Jamaica Woolens that he was informed that an offer had been made for the purchase of the business, and that a deposit had been made and returned to the would-be purchaser with an inquiry as to whether the person would be interested in rebidding.

1965: Montego Bay’s 1965 summer tourist season starts off successfully and present indications are that this report is again heading for a record summer period. The Easter period is at an all-time high, with almost all hotels and guest houses running at near capacity to accommodate over 2,500 visitors who arrived at Montego Bay International Airport from all over the world

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