Small Business Resources

Are you a small business owner or looking for information to help you start your own company? has you covered. Start by visiting our How To Start A Business information page, then see the list of other resources below.


Development Organisations

Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC)

The Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC) was established in April 2001 as the lead support agency to the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Sector (MSMEs) in Jamaica.

Small Business Association of Jamaica (SBAJ)

A business organization focused on membership of small business operators, main objective is to foster the growth of small business.

National Development Foundation of Jamaica (NDFJ)

The NDFJ was established in 1981 as a non-profit organization, to develop and promote entrepreneurship in Jamaica. This is done by means of credit, financing, training and a wide range of market-driven support services to micro and small business enterprises involved in manufacturing, services and agriculture.

Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ)

A voluntary national organization of some 330 private sector associations, companies and individuals that are working together to promote a healthy and productive private sector.

Women Business Owners Jamaica Ltd (WBO)

Women Business Owners Jamaica Limited (WBO) was established in 2003 to foster and promote the success of women business owners through education, research, mentorship and networking.

Credit Organisation for Pre-Micro Enterprises Foundation

Provides credit financing and business training to small businesses within the parishes of Manchester Kingston, St Andrew and St Catherine and St Thomas.

Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship – Caribbean

Based in Montego Bay, the centre's mission is to offer practical business skills, access to coaches to offer guidance, mentors to share their experiences, professional services to build strong businesses, exposure to networks, finance and investment opportunities. 


Registration, Taxes and Intellectual Property

Companies Office of Jamaica (ORC)

The Companies Office of Jamaica is responsible for the day to day administration of companies, industrial and provident societies and business names.

Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ)

Tax Administration Jamaica is the country's premiere revenue collecting agency.

Jamaica Intellectual Property Office (JIPO)

JIPO is responsible for contributing to national economic growth and development through the promotion, proper protection, administration and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs).


Financing Your Small Business


To be eligible for financial support from EXIM Bank, you must be a registered Jamaican business entity. All exporters of non-traditional goods manufactured or produced in Jamaica are eligible.

Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ)

DBJ’s mission is to assist in the development and modernization of all viable enterprises in industry, agriculture, agro-industry, manufacturing, information processing, mining, tourism and the services sectors with special emphasis on the provision of loan financing to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

Jamaica National Small Business Loans Ltd (JNSBL)

Delivers innovative and accessible credit in a timely and profitable manner to micro and small business people who have limited access to loans from traditional banking sources.

National Commercial Bank (NCB)

NCB's SME Unit provides a wide variety of products and services including financing, cash management, credit cards and electronic banking.

Scotiabank Jamaica

In addition to its regular business financing options, Scotiabank Jamaica recently ventured into micro-financing with Scotia Jamaica Microfinance Company Limitedalso called CreditScotia.

Access Financial Services

Access Business Loans are available to micro, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who are in involved in agriculture, manufacturing, trading and the service sectors.

Sagicor Bank

Sagicor Bank offers a range of business banking solutions for businesses big, small or in-between.

First Union Financial Company Limited

First Union Financial Company Limited was incorporated in Jamaica in 1999 as a private limited liability company that provides financial assistance to employees and entrepreneurs. To date, the company mainly operates in the micro-financing sector.

Credit Unions

  1. First Heritage Co-operative Credit Union Ltd
  2. City of Kingston Sodality Co-operative Credit Union Ltd
  3. Montego Bay Co-operative Credit Union Ltd
  4. St Catherine Co-operative Credit Union Ltd
  5. First Regional Co-operative Credit Union Ltd
  6. St Elizabeth Co-operative Credit Union Ltd
  7. St Thomas Co-operative Credit Union Ltd


Entrepreneurship Education and Training

University of Technology – School of Entrepreneurship

The BSc in Entrepreneurship will provide the best possible integration of theory and practice-based entrepreneurship principles to confront the problem of employment and the underutilization of opportunities which abound in this time of change.

University of the West Indies – Bsc Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Major will expose students to the entrepreneurship scholarship, engage them in entrepreneurial thinking and involve them in the best available practices with respect to entrepreneurship and business innovation.

Northern Caribbean University (NCU) – Morris Entrepreneurship Centre 

The MEC has been working closely with several farming groups in Manchester, Clarendon and St. Elizabeth, providing them with customised business training programmes in the area of record keeping, marketing, customer service and financial management.