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Supreme Court Judgments

The jurisdiction of the Supreme Court is both geographical and legal.


Geographical Jurisdiction – In its Geographical jurisdiction the Supreme Court can hear and determine matters arising within the territory of Jamaica. In some instances where a statute vests extra-territorial jurisdiction on the Court, it may hear and determine matters the subject matter of which arise outside of Jamaica’s territory.

Legal Jurisdiction – The Supreme Court was created in 1880 at which time the original jurisdiction of a number of then existing courts were consolidated into the Supreme Court. These Courts were:

1. The Supreme Court of Judicature

2. The High Court of Chancery

3. The Incumbered Estates Court

4. The Court of Ordinary

5. The Court for Divorce and Matrimonial Causes

6. The Chief Court of Bankruptcy

7. The Circuit Courts


In 1962, section 13 of the Jamaican (Constitution) Order in Council adopted the existing Supreme Court as the Supreme Court for the newly independent Jamaica. The Supreme Court was then constitutionally established under section 97 of the Constitution of Jamaica.


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Court Of Appeal 

The main statutes which speak to the jurisdiction of the Court of Appeal are the Judicature (Appellate Jurisdiction) Act, the Judicature (Resident Magistrates) Act, and the Justices of the Peace (Appeals) Act. 

 The Court of Appeal has jurisdiction to hear appeals from: 

  1. The Supreme Court

  2. The Resident Magistrates' Court

  3. The Family Court

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