Prime Ministers of Jamaica: Michael Manley

The government of Michael Manley was elected to power in 1972.














The Most Honourable Michael Norman Manley, ON, OM, OCC


The Most Honourable Michael Norman Manley is Jamaica’s fourth Prime Minister. He served two terms from March 2, 1972 to November 4, 1980 and from February 13, 1989 to March 30, 1992.


Mr. Manley was born on December 10, 1924 in St. Andrew.


He has impacted the nation with a greater sense of importance and urgency regarding national identity, and, internationally, he has impacted the ideas of capitalist and socialist leaders with his advocacy of Democratic Socialism.


He studied at Jamaica College (1935-43) and overseas at the London School of Economics (1945-49). There, he came under the influence of Harold Laski, the man more responsible than any other for the training of men who later became Commonwealth Prime Ministers. At the LSE he gained academic honours.


Has been a journalist, trade unionist, party president, senator, Cabinet Minister, Leader of the Opposition, Vice president of the Socialist International, and Prime Minister of Jamaica.


A prolific writer of articles and books. His publications include The politics of Change (1973), Search for Solutions (1977), JAMAICA: Struggle in the Periphery (1982), Up the Down Escalator (1987), and A History of West Indies Cricket (1988).


Mr. Manley was the son of Norman Washington Manley, and wife Edna.
Mr. Manley had five wives in his lifetime:
  • Jacqueline nee Kemellardski, 1946
  • Thelma nee Varity, 1955
  • Barbara nee Lewars, 1968
  • Beverley nee Anderson, 1972
  • Glynne nee Jones, 1992
He also had three children Rachel, Sarah, Natasha, Joseph, David.
He died on March 6, 1997 at the age of 72.



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