Name Origin

Created in 1770 and named for Sir William Trelawny, then the Governor of Jamaica

Trelawny is located in northwest Jamaica. It can be divided broadly into flat coastal plains in the north (e.g. The Queen of Spain and Nassau Valleys) and the rugged interior of the Cockpit Country. The Cockpit Country, Jamaica’s most remote locality, is home to many of the islands indigenous plant and animal species.   

Much of Trelawny is occupied by one of the world’s noted limestone Karst features, the Cockpit Country. Dense with vegetation, caves, sinkholes, and underground passages, the remote area was chosen by the Maroon people for many of their larger settlements. Today the scant population of the area is reflected in place names like The District of Look Behind and Me No Sen You No Come.

The largest economic drivers of Trelawny’s economy are agriculture and tourism. Its principle products are rum and sugar, and the construction of a new international port at the capital Falmouth has made Trelawny a major destination for cruise ships.

Trelawny is also home to many of the island’s most notable athletes, including World Champion and Olympic Gold Medal Winner Usain Bolt, Veronica Campell-Brown, and Michael Frater.  

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