St. Thomas

Area: 743 Km²

Population: 94,716

Name Origin: One of the oldest parishes, St. Thomas was established in 1662 and named for Thomas, Lord Windsor, then the governor of Jamaica.

St. Thomas is the easternmost parish of Jamaica. It borders Portland in the north and St. Andrew in the east.  The parish is extremely mountainous, with both the Blue, Port Royal, and John Crow Mountains Ranges within its borders. Three main rivers—the Yallahs, Morant, and Plantain Garden—flow down through plains used to cultivate sugarcane and bananas. 

In addition to sugar and bananas, St. Thomas has an active dairy industry based at Serge Island. The parish also exports high grade gypsum, marble, and aggregate out of the port at Kingston. There is a sulfurous natural spring at Bath in the mountains of the parish.

Morant Bay, the capital of St. Thomas, was the site of the largest civil unrest in Jamaican history. The Morant Bay Rebillion of 1865, saw local workers rebel against cruel slavery-like conditions on the various estates in the parish. Baptist minister and St. Thomas local, Paul Bogle, was martyred for his involvement in the rebellion along with St. Andrew businessman George William Gordon. Both men were posthumously made Jamaican National Heroes.    

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