Area: 814 Km²

Population: 82,656

Name Origin: Created in 1743, this parish was named for the Duke of Portland, then the Governor of Jamaica.  

Portland, which falls on the windward side of the Blue Mountain Range, experiences the highest average rainfall on the island and is accordingly lush.

Agricultural and tourism are the two main forms of economic activity in Portland.  The origins of the modern international banana trade are in the parish of Portland, and bananas are still grown there today.  Sugarcane, coffee, breadfruit, mango, and ackee are also produced in Portland.

Some of Jamaica’s finest beaches – Boston, Long, Dragon and San San Bays, Frenchman’s Cove and Winifred’s Beach—are found in Portland. As are unique water features like the Rio Grande, Blue Hole, Reach Falls, and Nonsuch Caves. The capital town, Port Antonio, is home to the Errol Flynn Marina and the annual Henry Morgan Port Antonio International Marlin Tournament.

Portland is also home to one of the islands most historical important groups. The Maroons of Portland, runaway Spanish slaves, remain a semi-autonomous group of people with distinct cultural practices and sense of identity. The most famous of their number, Nanny, waged guerrilla war against the colonial British and is Jamaica’s only female National Hero.

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